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What are crowns?

When the tooth structure has become weakened with decay or an existing filling is very large and deteriorated, a dental crown may be necessary.

Furthermore, when teeth have had root canal treatment, this can inherently reduce the strength of the tooth and a crown or onlay may become necessary to protect the tooth and provide it with strength from the forces of biting. Additionally, anterior teeth which have had extensive treatment and need aesthetic improvement can also be replaced with crowns to cosmetically improve them.

This dental restoration is applied to the full surface of the tooth, and whilst it can be made in a number of different materials, at Forever Dental and Skin we predominantly use porcelain based crowns which match the colour and shade of the teeth and give the tooth additional strength.

Dental crowns are much more invasive than veneers and require much more tooth adjustment, however they tend to be longer lasting and more durable.

The Process

  1. Anaesthetic is placed to make the area numb and as comfortable as possible during the procedure.
  2. Quite often a matrix is taken at the chair-side to create a scaffold to make a temporary crown.
  3. The tooth in question is prepared accordingly.
  4. A digital scan is taken of the prepared tooth and sent to the lab to make the crown.
  5. The lab based crown is then fitted accordingly.