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What are dental implants?

When teeth are lost due to gum disease or decay, they occasionally have to be removed. This can result in problems with eating and function, not to mention the aesthetic aspect of missing teeth.

Modern day dentistry has advanced considerably and missing teeth can easily be replaced. This can be in the form of a denture, a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Titanium based implants are fast becoming the ideal solution to replacing missing teeth. They are placed in the jaw bone to support a crown which aims to replicate the normal function and appearance of a natural tooth. At Forever Dental and Skin we use only the best quality dental implants made by NOBEL BIOCARE.

Dental implants are small titanium cylinders which are placed in the jaw and support a crown (part of tooth which is above the gum line). The area is made numb and the gum lifted open. The implant is then placed in the jaw bone and allowed to heal over a period of around 12 weeks. Once the implant has been allowed to heal and integrate, it can then have a crown placed on top of it.

In certain circumstances, the implant can have a temporary crown placed at the same time of implant placement so you do not have a missing tooth whilst the implant is healing.

All aspects of the implant placement, time lengths and costing will be discussed in full to ensure you are fully aware of the treatment plan before you begin.

Frequently asked questions

The placement of dental implants is done under local anaesthetic, which makes the area numb to prevent the procedure being painful. The procedure can also be done under sedation if you are nervous or anxious about this. There can be some discomfort for a few days afterwards which can be controlled with over the counter pain killers.

The implant placement can take around 90 minutes from beginning to end, but can take longer if there are bone grafting procedures or multiple implants. Implants can be placed at the same time as the tooth is being removed, these are known as immediate implants and are reserved for particular cases and situations which will be discussed at your implant consultation

With advances in dental implant science, bone graft procedures have enabled patients with a lack of bone to have implants placed with the addition and regeneration of bone.

Due to the advancement of bone grafting techniques (Bone Augmentation) and implant science, the bone graft is usually taken from a packet and in most cases is made from freeze dried animal bone (usually cow). This material acts as a scaffold to allow your own bone to grow over the area of the defect.

Larger bone defects may require your own being used from different parts of your own jaw, but this is becoming less common.

In most circumstances, a temporary bridge or denture will be provided. This will enable the missing tooth to be replaced whilst the implant is healing

The implant placement usually costs £1,500 and the crown can cost around £1,000. On average the cost will be in the region of £2,500-£2,800 per tooth. There may be additional costs if bone regeneration or grafting is required due to the placement of a bone graft if the bone quality or quantity needs to be improved. If there are multiple implants being placed, the costs may be reduced.

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