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Facial Aesthetics

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What are facial aesthetic treatments?

Cutting edge non-surgical facial aesthetics in Surrey

At Forever Dental and Skin, we are passionate about your beauty. Our team of specialist medical professionals are dedicated to ensuring you not only look great, but feel great, providing you with the latest aesthetic non-surgical procedures at our state of the art modern clinic.

Conveniently situated in Ashtead, Surrey, our cutting edge clinic has the latest equipment and is designed to ensure your comfort and safety. We adhere to the highest standards, with exceptional clinical and hygiene standards.

Tailor-made treatment packages

Our focus is on you throughout your treatment journey. We involve and inform you about every step of the treatment process, so you know what to expect and are put at ease.

We have a wide range of modern, innovative and affordable treatment options that are available to help you look your very best. Every patient is unique, so using our creative eye and attention to detail, our team will discuss your desires and tailor treatment to help you achieve the results you dream of.

An ethical approach

Here at Forever Dental and Skin, we pride ourselves on our ethical approach. We put your needs first and will never sell you treatment that you do not need. Our free consultations are an open and honest forum with no pressure or obligation for you to commit to any treatment package.

Our aim is to help you reach your goal to look the best you can with a natural, younger look, through our wide range of non-surgical facial aesthetic treatment options. We will never recommend treatment that does not achieve this.

Patient Charter

The person treating you:

  • is who they say they are
  • the qualifications they claim are genuine and relevant
  • the training they have received is appropriate
  • is insured

The environment:

  • complies with Health and Safety Legislation
  • is clean
  • has the necessary equipment

The products and equipment used:

  • are genuine
  • are appropriately licensed
  • are evidence based
  • are sourced from legitimate suppliers
  • are appropriately stored and maintained